July 2011

QinetiQ and Nexor announce a strategic collaboration that creates an exceptional sovereign cyber security capability and partnership.

QinetiQ has a unique 50-year heritage of acting as a strategic advisor to the UK Government at the most critical national security levels. Through its Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) services, QinetiQ maintains unparalleled situational awareness in cyberspace, and creates immediate response strategies to emerging and zero day threats.

For over two decades Nexor has enabled governments and major enterprises around the globe to deploy new and emerging cyber technology as robust and industrial quality products. Using its CyberShield Secure™ capability Nexor has combined best industry practice for secure software development with agile and lean based methodologies to systemise product development.

The first step in the collaboration will enable both partners to offer each other’s products and thereby immediately enhance the range of threats that each company’s portfolio addresses.

Subsequently, Nexor and QinetiQ will deploy their individual strengths to expand the portfolio as a complementary and unified range of products and services designed to offer the market a unique and highly effective response to the continually evolving cyber threat.

Alasdair Rodgers, Managing Director for QinetiQ’s Cyber Security division comments: “QinetiQ believe that its SyBard® secure data Gates and Guards are a fundamental component in the design of secure and resilient information infrastructures. By partnering with Nexor and combining the resources and development effort of both companies we will be able to provide a stronger, more flexible and innovative UK sovereign capability in this space; one that is better positioned to enable our customers to pro-actively protect UK PLC from existing and future threats in cyber space.”

Steve Kingan, CEO at Nexor, adds: “No single party can address all aspects of the cyber threat to UK PLC. We are delighted to be partnering with QinetiQ, whose cyber surveillance and protection offerings represent an essential part of UK national security. We have no doubt that this synergistic partnership brings a unique capability to the marketplace that will be of major benefit to government and industry enterprises in their defence of the cyber threat.”


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