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Nexor GuardianNexor Guardian provides a highly secure, high-throughput content checking capability that enables the sharing of information between networks with different levels of trust for data.

A data guard reduces the risk of malware getting into a network; of sensitive data leaking out; and ensures that appropriate controls are in place for the data to be released between networks.

Nexor Guardian has been designed and developed to protect organisations by validating that data is conformant and complies with the security policy of the protected domain.

Nexor Guardian offers parallel processing of information, with high data processing speeds and low latency, even with deep content inspection.

Nexor Guardian makes use of the evaluated security functionality provided by the underlying platform to ensure an automated electronic exchange can only pass from one domain to the other via a trusted path.

This ensures that all information is scanned by a policy enforcement module that validates the information conforms to the defined security policy. Non-conformant information is rejected and quarantined, preventing the potential damage caused by outbound data loss or inbound malicious content. Nexor Guardian includes an option for manual inspection and release if desired.

Nexor Guardian is available in multiple versions, optimised for specific business challenges. These include editions for Chat, File Transfer, Web, Voice, Directory Services and Enterprise Management.

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A full technical specification sheet for Nexor Guardian is available upon request.

We also recommend that you find out more about how data guards can perform the validate element in our architectural approach to secure information exchange. Our Secure Information eXchange Architecture (SIXA) is based on best practice design patterns from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the UK National Technical Authority.

For guarding email/messages we recommend Nexor Sentinel.


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