2019 marked Nexor’s 30th year of business, and to commemorate this landmark achievement all employees were treated to a day out at the birthplace of computing. Fun and games aside, management had more in the pipeline to spice up the years to come.

For the last 6 years Nexor’s values of the 4 C’s (Commitment, Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement and Communication) have held us in good stead. However, with times changing and fresh milestones to reach, the decision was taken to revamp and align them to the ‘Nexor of the Future’.


So, what does the future hold?

The future of cyber security is far from certain, but we can be sure that as we enter the next decade interconnectivity between technology will play an ever-increasing role in our day to day life. With the introduction and advancement of emerging technologies like 5G, AI, IoT and Autonomous Vehicles, it’s clear that potential avenues of attack for cyber threat actors will only increase. This enlarged surface area of connectivity will ultimately lead to more vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Currently implementing defences to strengthen and segment your network is essential for most government contracts, but we expect that the evolving landscape will soon make this a requirement for doing business with many commercial entities as well.

To reflect the changing marketplace, we wanted to create a value set that will allow us to optimise our support for the commercial industry, whilst maintaining our pre-existing relationships within the defence and government sectors which need to promote agile and collaborative practices and encourage employees to take initiative. Rather than fixing problems after they occur, we want to proactively combat the root causes before they transform into real issues. The values are designed to be future proof, reflecting our resilience as a business and setting the scene for many more years to come.


How did we create them?

As the Nexor management team were planning the future direction of Nexor they came to the realisation that the current values were inadequately reflecting the position we wanted to be in. Therefore, the decision was taken to reinvent our values in alignment with our commitment to evolving with the times and display our vision for how we want to interact with the world. This led to a discussion on what traits should be promoted by Nexor employees to successfully deliver the desired business change. As a result, 8 key words were agreed, some coming directly from the existing 4 C’s and others being completely new to the business. However, this was not the end of the matter as the Marketing team were then engaged to turn these 8 words into easy to remember aspirational principles. To encourage employee uptake and to get everyone involved a competition was held during the coach trip to help with creation of the new values logo. This was a collaborative effort, receiving input from across the business and consequently, the result reflects what our staff believe Nexor represents. We are proud of our team for dedicating their time and effort to this endeavour which culminated in the embodiment and vision for the Nexor of the Future!


Introducing our New Values

Nexor aspires to be a catalyst for change in our industry and our new values reflect this; Commitment, Accountability, Teamwork, Adaptability, Listening, Initiative, Service and Transformation. Moving forward, these will form an integral part of our recruitment and personal development practices. We are planning a whole host of exciting ways to incorporate them into daily life at Nexor, so look forward to updates on our progress throughout 2020.

Catalist logo with meanings

Where will we go from here?

For the last 30 years we have supported Defence, Government and Critical National Infrastructure Organisations with their cross-domain requirements. Nexor has changed and adapted as technologies have evolved and we will continue to do so into the future. With the introduction of 5G networks and the expansion of IoT networks, we foresee a steep rise in demand for secure information exchange solutions in the Commercial Sectors and we are developing new technologies and services to meet these needs. As always, we will continue to use the expertise we have gained over the past 30 years to help our customers, both old and new, protect what matters most to them.

Read more about our values here.



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