Nexor Sentinel 4 announced at NIAS’16 conference

September 2016

The first details of Nexor Sentinel 4 have been announced today at NIAS’16, NATO’s number one Cyber Defence event.

Nexor Sentinel 4, the latest incarnation of Nexor’s high assurance email guard, will bring both new functionality and an enhanced user experience to facilitate modern working practices.

Tony Roadknight, Lead Technologist at Nexor commented:

“Nexor Sentinel 4 is a key element in supporting our Information Exchange Gateway (IEG) and Secure Information Exchange solutions by providing email validation. This latest incarnation of our high assurance email guard will ensure that we meet the evolving requirements of our customers.”

All military and security organisations need to ensure that messages passing in to and out of different sections of their systems conform to appropriate security policies. This ensures that sensitive information is only available to the intended and authorised recipients.

Awarded Common Criteria EAL4+ in 2012, Nexor Sentinel has been designed to protect organisations by validating that in-bound and out-bound electronic messages conform to the security policy of the protected domain. This helps to prevent the potential damage caused by outbound information loss or inbound malicious content.

Kieran Barnes, Portfolio Manager, Nexor, commented:

“Nexor Sentinel 4 is the result of an excellent relationship with our customers and working with them to identify the next generation of requirements. This advance for Nexor Sentinel will support them in using and administering our mail guard more effectively in their changing military operations.

“It implements usability and user security enhancements as well as the latest NATO labelling standards so that Nexor Sentinel will continue to support NATO mission-critical communications as they advance in the future.”

Nexor Sentinel 4 meets the latest NATO confidentiality labelling (S4774) and binding (S4778) standards. Users of Nexor Sentinel 4 can be assured that they have future proofed their email guards for when the standards are adopted.

The other key advancement in Nexor Sentinel 4 is an enhanced user experience for administrators with new features for management, access controls and quarantine.

Nexor Sentinel 4 will enable role-based access, which allows greater granularity by assigning users the role that they actually require. In turn, this facilitates better security, as each user is only given access to what their role requires. It also enables changes to “ways of working”; for example, by allowing the appropriate operational staff to manage access of their users rather than having to rely on technical staff.

Improvements to the management of a fleet of Nexor Sentinels will help reduce overheads. Administrators will be able to set-up or change an implementation just once, and then roll this out across their fleet, a more efficient way of working. The management suite will also integrate with third-party management tools.

Nexor Sentinel products have been deployed worldwide by national defence forces for over a decade. Since first being developed for NATO, it has undergone several iterations to meet the evolving requirements of our customers.

To find out more about Nexor Sentinel 4, visit the Nexor Stand (B45) at the NIAS conference on 7-8th September; watch an interview with our Portfolio Manager on the Nexor YouTube channel; or simply get in touch with us for more detailed technical specifications.

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