Nexor releases sentinel 3.60

October 2018

Sentinel 3.60 is the latest version of Nexor’s high assurance email guard. The newest version incorporates a number of updates designed to make the tool more secure and functional. We have enhanced and added features to improve the overall performance and usability of the technology.

Enhanced label scanning

Sentinel 3.60 features improved label scanning, allowing sensitive information in emails to be flagged consistently. We have added support for X-Headers and Titus Labs, as well as the ability for Sentinel to detect security labels in filename attachments, in addition to the content of the email itself. These new capabilities make label scanning more comprehensive and increase the power of the technology to flag sensitive material.

In addition, we have optimised label scan locations. It is now possible to limit scans to the header and footer of the email, which reduces the likelihood of false positives interfering and increases Sentinel’s efficiency and usefulness.

Enhanced word or phrase detection

Sentinel 3.60 boasts integration with 3rd party software to enhance its capabilities to detect sensitive words and phrases. Sentinel now has Purifile 7 integration (uplifted from Purifile 6 in older versions) and maintains Sophos AV integration. It is now better than ever before at detecting words or phrases within the contents of a message or its attachments.

Customisation of rejection messages

The third major update increases Sentinel’s usefulness. Rejection messages can now be customised to allow different details to be shown to administrators and end users. This means that you can control the information available to the end user while disclosing additional details to administrators.

Furthermore, we have improved quarantine capabilities in Sentinel 3.60, making the reason for a quarantine available in the GUI. The quarantine is also searchable in the latest version. This means that it is much easier to access information about affected messages.

Finally, Sentinel 3.60 is now able to send logs to remote syslog servers.

Nexor is fully committed to providing our customers with high assurance technology that keeps your organisation secure. Sentinel 3.60 has been designed to improve the functionality of our email guard. We will continue to iterate on the technology and offer enhanced solutions to our customers.



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