How simple would it be to tell someone exactly where you are right now? Usually the answer to that question will be as straightforward as knowing your home or work address. However, if you’re travelling somewhere less familiar it will most likely take longer. Add a high-pressure situation into the mix and inevitably mistakes will occur, potentially leading the person trying to find you astray. In emergencies where a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death, pinpointing locations speedily and accurately is vital, and the consequences of failure can be catastrophic.

Emergency services are all too aware of this issue and finally, a solution might be here. What3Words, the revolutionary location-finding app, was recently adopted by the Nottinghamshire Police Force, making them the latest in a long line of such agencies around the globe to recognise the potential benefits this app has to offer. Chris Sheldrick, co-founder and CEO of the app, gave an inspirational Ted Talk back in October 2017 on how What3Words had already helped emergency services to save lives. Since then the app has come on in leaps and bounds and is now being used by organisations all over the globe.


About What3Words

 Nexors 3 words are beast.roof.chief

The creators of What3Words divided the world into 3×3 metre squares and gave each square three words which make a unique string. Using 40,000 different words to create 64 trillion different three-word combinations, they had names for each of the 57 trillion squares that make up our planet, with enough left over to name every tree in the world twice.

The app essentially gives you your GPS coordinates, but in a manner which drastically eases communication and comprehension. As opposed to a long string of digits you can simply share your unique three-word combination. For example, Nexor’s three-words are beast.roof.chief and our GPS coordinates to the same degree of accuracy are 52.941010, -1.167128. Which of these do you think will be easier to convey in a situation where time is of the essence?

As it works via GPS, no stable internet connection is required to find your location, making it ideal for finding people who have had an accident in remote locations. However, the app also has uses well beyond the realm of emergency services. Whether finding your tent at a festival, arranging precise meetups at large venues or travelling to a destination in the middle of nowhere it has never been easier to get exactly where you want to be. It’s even being integrated by certain sat-nav manufacturers, such as TomTom, so you can put a three-word location directly into your vehicle’s navigation system.

On top of this it also gives a precise address to the millions of people around the world who previously didn’t have one. A real-world instance of this is already taking place in Mongolia, where What3Words is helping their postal services deliver mail directly to people’s houses for the first time.


How To Get Started

What3Words is available for both IOS and Android and can be found in their respective App stores. Once downloaded you can use the app to view your current three-word location or easily find someone else by inputting their three words. Language is not a barrier with 35 already available and many more in the works.

Nottinghamshire Police, are now encouraging people to download the app onto their phones to improve response times and cut down on the resources needed for search and rescue parties. Previously, to search a general area, multiple cars or even a helicopter might have been dispatched.

To learn more about how the app works, visit the What3Words website.

Don’t forget What3Words could be the app that saves your life.

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