Secure Information Exchange Solution Design

If you are working in a secure environment and move data in and out of networks of differing classification, you’re likely in need of a secure information exchange solution. Depending on the type of information you are moving, or the environment within which you are operating, the security concerns and risks surrounding the movement of this data are unique to your requirements.

We have been designing secure information exchange solutions for over 30 years and have the expertise to design a solution perfect for your needs. To design a secure information exchange solution there are a range of areas that need to be examined.

Information Exchange Requirements

To design a secure information exchange solution that meets your needs and solves your problem, we first need to understand your requirements. These could include needs such as connected systems and information flows, as well as the protocols and content types these needs use. To compliment this, we’ll need to understand the overarching security objectives you are trying to achieve.

Solution Architecture & Design 

With this information we can move onto the architecture and design phase. Using your information exchange requirements, our consultants will architect and design a solution that will meet your operational needs. Our consultants will recommend the best products, architectures and policies that together will meet your needs and solve your secure information exchange problem.

Adhering to Zero Trust Principles 

Zero Trust is an evolving approach to network design. It’s part of a wider mind-set to remove the inherent trust from the network and treat it as hostile, and instead gain confidence that you can trust a connection. For this reason, there is no such thing as a Zero Trust product, however ensuring that your organisation adheres to Zero Trust Principles is possible.

Cloud-Based Information Exchange

Secure information exchange is complicated in its own right. However, as the world has moved towards more efficient ways of working, like the Cloud, traditional information exchange requirements must be re-examined. Using our knowledge of secure information exchange in the cloud, we can help you to secure your data in these environments.

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Nexor’s consultants can help you understand the complexities and benefits of adopting Zero Trust Principles. Information Assurance activities to support governance, assurance or accreditation requirements. Moving Information between environments, including cloud, maintaining compliance to security policy.


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