Information Assurance

 Information Assurance typically starts with our security assessment services, which identifies areas in your business where security can be enhanced, leading to a security improvement plan. The security improvement plan may identify the need for the following additional services.

Solution Assurance & Accreditation

For many organisations within the high assurance space, solutions need to be accredited or provide the assurance that they are safe to use within classified environments. To do this evidence must be provided that shows the system or solution will meet its security objectives.

Our consultancy team has extensive experience of gathering, creating, and providing evidence sets that show a solution meets the identified risks. With our help your organisation will find the path to approval much smoother.


Security Management Plan

A security management plan will ensure that your systems are operating as intended and react to new threats, vulnerabilities or changing usage patterns. We have experience working in a wide range of environments and can advise on security management systems for a wide array of business settings. We will support you in creating a security management plan that meets your needs and can be maintained on a regular basis.


Our security governance process enables your board or senior management to oversee the security management systems, and gain confidence that the systems continue to be effective. Nexor consultants can support your organisation in designing how the secure management systems interfaces with business governance.

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Our Information Assurance Services

Cyber Resilience

Accreditation support

Long-term security benefits will be instilled within your business through the implementation of training procedures and processes that ensure other members of your team have the knowledge they need. Information Assurance activities to support governance, assurance or accreditation requirements.
Nexor’s consults will support the assurance of a solution to meet agreed quality / security controls.


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