Cyber Security Strategy and Policy Design

Within a robust cyber security strategy, understanding and designing the right cyber security standards, frameworks and policies is fundamental to extensive security. Effective cyber security management requires these policies to communicate business security culture and values to protect an organisation’s information and computers. Defining and designing these policies requires insight into how an organisation operates and its ways of working.

Nexor’s cyber security strategy and policy design services offer industry-leading expertise and support in defining and documenting your organisation’s overarching approach to cyber security.

Cyber Resilience Strategy

Cyber resilience compliments cyber security. It ensures your business can continue to operate should there be an adverse event that impacts the system. In this planning phase, we’ll identify strategies to protect your systems, detect issues, respond to attacks, and recover your business operations.

Additional long-term security benefits will be instilled within your business through the implementation of training procedures and processes. This part of our cyber security strategy ensures other members of your team have the knowledge they need to maintain security in their areas of responsibility.

If you’re looking to redesign your existing cyber security strategy, or think that your strategy may need reviewing, please contact us today for an initial consultation.

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Our Cyber Security Strategy and Policy Design Services

Support for the creation of a robust Cyber Security Strategy

Accreditation support

Identification of relevant standards to support policy / strategy

 Development of standard where gaps exist

Nexor’s Cyber Security Strategy and Standards Services provides support to define and document your organisation’s overarching approach to Cyber Security. Information Assurance activities to support governance, assurance or accreditation requirements. Understanding and implementing the right Cyber Security standards and frameworks for your organisation is a fundamental aspect of a robust Cyber Security strategy. Based on assessments of your vulnerabilities and capabilities, Nexor consultants will implement a threat management strategy that mitigates against the identified threats.


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