Cyber Security Assessment Services

Nexor offers a range of cyber security assessments services to keep your organisation secure. The right combination of those can be used to determine the security posture of your organisation.

Our cyber security assessment services can be broken down into 4 key areas that can be combined to meet your specific needs.


Understanding the Context

To ensure we undertake the right types of cyber security assessments for your needs, it’s important that you understand the business context within which your problem is situated. Understanding the context will enable you to successfully identify threats, vulnerabilities or risks, and help you fully understand the impact successful security breaches could have on your organisation.

Threats, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessments

Your business will have its own specific threats, vulnerabilities and risks associated with your sector and customers. All of these can impact both productivity and security, and will have different levels of significance depending on your organisation’s focus. Ensuring that these threat assessments are carried out on a regular basis as part of your security management, or security improvement plans will ensure your business stays a step ahead of the threat actors. 

Policy Gap Assessments

Policies communicate your business values and culture, effectively describing how your business should operate day-to-day. Reviewing your policies and checking for gaps that can be closed will help your business to identify potential cyber security problems in the way things are currently run.

Security Improvement Plans

Having undertaken security assessments to understand your current security posture, it’s very important to ensure that the discovered gaps and threats become part of business as usual so that they do not become out of date again. This will benefit the overall security posture of your business, and help to minimise the impact and downtime of successful attacks.


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If you believe you’re in need of Cyber Security Assessment Services, Nexor are here to help. As experts in Secure Information Exchange and high assurance cyber security, we understand the needs of the market and the complex risks that must be mitigated.


Our Cyber Security Assessment Services

Threat / Risk Assessments

Policy Gap Assessments

Definition and Documentation of Information Exchange Requirements

Nexor’s Threat and Risk assessments use a structured process to examine, identify, and provide advice on how you can mitigate threats. Nexor’s Policy Gap Assessment will identify and document any potential areas of improvement and provide actionable insights, enabling you to understand and remedy any issues or vulnerabilities. Nexor’s approach to defining and documenting your Information Exchange Requirements allows you to fully understand how your information flows within your business.


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