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Don’t leave your secure networks open to known cyber vulnerabilities

system-update-icon-purpleThe routine method of applying system updates is to use an automated vendor mechanism. However, for secure networks not connected to the Internet, this approach is not suitable.

The need for keeping up-to-date

As everyone knows, it is imperative that applications, systems and networks are kept up-to-date, for functionality and performance reasons, as well as to protect against known vulnerabilities.

But for secure networks it is not always that simple to achieve. These networks have been deliberately segregated from the rest of an organisation’s network by introducing an air-gap. This helps to stop malware going into a secure network and confidential data escaping.

However, to ensure that known cyber vulnerabilities cannot be exploited, it is essential that the relevant system updates (such as Microsoft, Java, and anti-virus software) are available in the secure, trusted network.

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Our Secure System Updates Solution

The Nexor Secure System Updates Solution achieves a timely and efficient automated transfer whilst ensuring that no data can leave the network, thereby preserving confidentiality.

Our solution uses data diode technology, certified to EAL7+ (the highest Common Criteria level), to physically guarantee the one-way flow of information.

This ensures that no unauthorised release of information from the segregated network can occur. Our approach can be further reinforced by performing validation checks (e.g. anti-virus) on the incoming updates.

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Benefits of having our Secure System Updates Solution

  • Automated transfer of updates to reduce time and effort spent manually transferring files;
  • Elimination of security risks associated with removable media, such as USB sticks and CDs, commonly used to apply updates to an air-gapped network;
  • Application of updates quickly and regularly to maintain network/system compliance;
  • Guaranteed one-way transfer of updates with no physical way for data to leave the secure network, either to release unauthorised information or to provide attacker feedback.

To find out more, please download our Secure Systems Updates Solution datasheet below. Visit our SIXA solutions page for further information on what our secure information exchange architecture can achieve.

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