Secure printing solution

Securely print resources on a central printer from multiple networks of different trust levels

Organisations with multiple segregated networks of differing security classifications need innovative solutions to enable them to print securely without needing multiple printers.

Nexor’s secure printing solution meets all those requirements. It keeps your information secure while allowing your organisation the flexibility it needs to keep working officially.

Connecting different networks to a single printer securely

Getting the printing capacity right for any business is an ongoing challenge, but it can be even more difficult when the networks are segregated with different security classifications.

Connecting printers over a network makes it easier for employees to print whilst reducing the number of printers within the organisation and the associated costs

However, when the networks are isolated, segregated or have differing security classifications it can be problematic. Simply connecting the networks all together introduces vulnerabilities (e.g. data loss and unauthorised access) as information can potentially flow between them.

Our secure printing solution

Nexor’s secure printing solution enables print jobs from multiple networks to be securely sent to printers on an isolated or segregated network.

Secure Print Diagram

The solution ensures that no information can flow back from the secure (or print) network, and that no information can flow between the client networks.

Our solution uses data diode technology, certified to EAL7+ (the highest Common Criteria level), to physically guarantee the one-way flow of information.

This ensures that no unauthorised release of information from the segregated network can occur. Our approach can be further reinforced by performing validation checks (e.g. anti-virus) on the incoming updates.

Benefits of our secure printing solution

  • Reduces physical footprint and energy costs;
  • Reduces servicing or service management costs;
  • Enables printing that matches an office’s physical layout as opposed to segregated network topology – this enables printers to be placed where convenient for users;
  • Option to work with print and hold functionality, in order to keep print jobs safe until users are physically present to collect a print job.

To find out more, please download our Secure Printing Solution datasheet below. Visit our SIXA solutions page for further information on what our secure information exchange architecture can achieve.

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