Trusted cross-domain solutions for high assurance environments

In today’s world, information sharing is key to improved productivity, efficient and accurate decision making and effective collaboration. However, the exchange of data between untrusted networks also brings cyber security risks.

By following the cyber security policies of national technical authorities, our trusted solutions enable secure information exchange between network domains operating at different levels of security.

Our customers can benefit from:

  • Secure access to systems and applications – both for users across a number of different organisations or to allow different levels of permission in the same organisation;
  • Prevention of data loss to ensure sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands;
  • Resistance to malware entering the organisation;
  • Ensuring the integrity of information;
  • Resilience of service to safeguard availability for operational needs;
  • The adoption of Cloud Services in a secure manner;
  • Minimised management overheads by potentially reducing infrastructure requirements.

No two secure information exchange problems are ever the same; business processes, identified threats, risk appetite, budget, protocols, content types, validation need and security policies are amongst the variables that need to be considered in each situation.

By choosing a solution that uses architectural patterns based on best practice guidelines from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), (the UK National Technical Authority for Information Assurance), not only do you get security and flexibility, the accreditation of the solution becomes easier.

Maintaining a range of effective defences against persistent and evolving threat profiles is more than just choosing the right technology. You need to choose a solution that is based on rigorous, and externally audited programmes that encompasses the skills of a dedicated team of professionals and a full range of services that meet your security and usability requirements.

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Our Accreditations; Investors in people; ISO 9001; Cyber Essentials; ISO 27001; TickIT Plus; HM Government.

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