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Military Message Handling Systems (MMHS) are a former Nexor product which provided a means of exchanging high grade electronic messages within a national military enclave, between military domains and within operational domains. This reference architecture was written when MMHS was a core product developed and supported by Nexor. We have a new range of services and solutions to solve current secure information exchange problems. Please find them here.

The NATO and CCEB operational need to interconnect systems from different nations (and hence the systems of the suppliers used by those nations) has led to a much greater demand for interoperability.

This interoperability is enabled by a common set of technical standards and a common set of operational approaches between the communicating parties, which have been developed and implemented over many years.

As a result, the market place will no longer accept MMHS solutions that require large amounts of customisation and bespoke development within each implementation – the expectation is that the internal and inter-working issues have largely been resolved.

The interfaces are standard, so the expectation is that Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) software should meet the external interoperability needs of any new solution, with modifications to the systems only required to interface to any pre-existing internal elements.

Military Message Handling Systems - A Reference Architecture

When designing an MMHS for a new environment, or to adapt an existing environment, the key choices become how to adapt or enhance what is already in place, or which standard commercial products meet the interface needs of MMHS interoperability.

The Nexor MMHS Reference Architecture has been created to simplify the scoping and design phases of an MMHS deployment project. It identifies the key components of a solution and defines their functionality – pulling together the common standards and common approaches used in the industry.

A key part of the Nexor MMHS Reference Architecture is that it is product independent; it defines the major system components and the interfaces between them.

In the architecture there is no assumption and no specification of specific vendor components. This way, it allows the operation of a MMHS system to be specified and agreed before being mapped onto solution specifics.

This White Paper is one of a set of architectural documents describing the framework of an MMHS and provides a high-level view of the components, their functions and how they are interconnected. It should be read in conjunction with the MMHS: The Requirements White Paper.

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Military Message Handling Systems: Architecture Requirements White Paper


Military Message Handling Systems: The Requirements – Military Message Handling Systems (MMHS) provide a means of exchanging high grade electronic messages within a national military enclave, between military domains and within operational domains. MORE DETAIL

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