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Innovation In Secure Information Exchange 

In the modern world, digitised information is viewed as an asset capable of driving improvements to productivity and efficiency as well as enabling decision making and effective collaboration. This white paper discusses how the nature of secure information exchange requirements is changing, and how suppliers are addressing this change. MORE DETAILS

HardSec: Proof of Concept

Interceptor will be Nexor’s latest innovation in the field of secure information exchange. Its novel use of configurable hardware-based validation enforcement promises new levels of flexibility to our customers without compromising on security.  MORE DETAILS


Protecting Information in the CAV Domain

The number of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) on the road is expected to increase dramatically over the next decade. Funding and research are being poured into their development to ensure that these vehicles are not only viable, but safe. MORE DETAILS


The Industrial Data Space – A Cloud Based Approach

In industry, the ability to perform real-time data analysis on Operational Technology (OT) plays a key role in driving business success. However, organisations attempting to make this a reality find that internal data sharing is constrained by the fundamental differences which exist between OT and Information Technology (IT), as well as the priorities of the personnel that use them. MORE DETAILS


Enabling Secure Information Exchange in Cloud Environments

It has been reported that ‘cloud security’ is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. How can something that is abstract, ephemeral and cannot be touched by its users be trusted or secure? In this paper, we look at the principles behind the cloud that present us with security challenges and explore where responsibility for solving the issues lies. MORE DETAILS


Secure Information Exchange – Reference Architecture

In today’s world, information sharing is key to improved productivity, efficient and accurate decision making and effective collaboration. This White Paper describes a high level architecture that outlines the key components of a solution and defines their functionality. The architecture is both product and vendor independent. MORE DETAILS


Protecting Confidential Information using Data Diodes

When protecting an isolated network against outsider attacks, there are a number of objectives and technologies that are commonly used. This White Paper will explain how a unidirectional data diode impacts on the security objectives of confidentiality, integrity and availability. MORE DETAILS


Information Exchange Gateways – The Evolving Story

This White Paper brings the Information Exchange Gateway story up-to-date. It looks at the changing context in which Information Exchange Gateways are being used; recent experiences in deploying them; and what the future holds. MORE DETAILS


Information Exchange Gateways – Reference Architecture

To support a climate of coalition based operations and network enabled capability, NATO has defined the concept of an Information Exchange Gateway to facilitate secure communication between different security and management domains. In this classic White Paper, which has stood the test of time, a reference architecture is defined that subsequently has been widely adopted. MORE DETAILS


Air-Gaps, Firewalls and Data Diodes in Industrial Control Systems

Due to recent security incidents, there is now a significant debate with regard to what is the best way to protect Industrial Control Systems (ICS). MORE DETAILS


Preventing Document Based Malware from Devastating Your Business

Viruses used to be the province of hackers whose aim was to demonstrate their technical prowess by defacing web sites. Today, security attacks are becoming much more sophisticated and infinitely more dangerous. MORE DETAILS


Military Message Handling Systems – A Reference Architecture

Military Message Handling Systems (MMHS) have become established as the defacto way of exchanging high grade electronic messages within a national military enclave, between military domains and within operational domains. In this classic White Paper, which has stood the test of time, a reference architecture is defined that subsequently has been widely adopted.  MORE DETAILS


Military Message Handling Systems – The Requirements

Military Message Handling Systems (MMHS) provide a means of exchanging high grade electronic messages within a national military enclave, between military domains and within operational domains. This White Paper summarises what organisations need to consider when implementing a new MMHS. MORE DETAILS



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