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When you are using something that works well, you do not want to change it. Sometimes there is no choice – you need to address something as other factors change. In this case, the vulnerability was the available support for the operating system, meaning that every component of the system was affected.

The client uses a Military Message Handling System (MMHS) provided by Nexor to send and receive secure messages between its ships and from them to the shore-based command centre.

They commissioned the MMHS in 2005 and it has been used operationally on their vessels for several years. To supplement the core Nexor components, the systems integrator working closely with the Navy had used the Nexor Software Development Kit to develop additional client software.

Upgrading an Existing SystemsThe MMHS had to function in exactly the same way after the migration to remove the need for extensive operator training. As there is operational reliance on the MMHS, the migration itself had to be achieved with minimal disruption.

Nexor worked closely with the client and their systems integrator (responsible for first and second-line support) to migrate its software to the new platform. We developed the modified software before thoroughly testing, giving a solution that functioned the same way as the previous system.

Disruption to the Navy was kept to a minimum, with a phased roll-out schedule managed by the systems integrator following their review of the changes to the product set. The updated MMHS is deployed on 13 ships in the fleet.

As well as achieving the required migration to a more widely supported operating system, moving to new versions of the MMHS components ensured the most secure and up-to-date versions of the software were used in the overall solution without further disruption.

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