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There are times when you need to securely get access to information from another system without any idea of how that other system works. You may be working with another organisation, or may simply need to be able to access information from a secure system using a less secure one.

Caterpillar track close upOver recent years, particularly as a result of an increased level of operational activity, there has been a proliferation of technologies to support command and control within the battlespace.

The ability to access information from another system quickly and easily can be crucial, but poses its own problems – especially if one of the systems in question is in a trusted domain and the other is not.

In partnership with Nexor and Dytecna, 2iC Limited developed its own Cross Domain TacSB® (Tactical Service Bus) that enables operational information to be exchanged between secure networks. The timescales for this project were tight, and Nexor’s agile and collaborative approach enabled them to be met.

A proof of concept of the Cross Domain TacSB® won the DSEI Innovation Award 2013 as it demonstrated true coalition interoperability.

This cross-domain solution will have an important role to play whenever clear and rapid communication is critical within an operational environment.

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