Keeping Sensitive Military Information Safe

A Military Organisation

In a military force, the management of information and the security of data transfer are both of paramount importance. Networks have to be kept updated and safe from external threat. A variety of information has to pass between internal networks of differing security classifications.

To enable clients to carry out these operations securely, Nexor has replaced existing systems set up by other vendors, and provided multiple high assurance solutions to facilitate the secure passing of data between multiple security domains.

SOC case study imageIn addition to the secure transfer of data, applications, systems and networks had to be kept right up to date. This was necessary to maximise functionality and performance, whilst protecting against vulnerabilities and a constantly evolving security threat.

The flow of network events and logs from separate sources all had to be brought to a single location, such as a Security Operations Centre (SOC) for better management of data, enabling visualisation, analysis and insight – without any data leakage or loss from within the secure network/high security domain.

Network monitoring and applying system updates are critical operations, but when an organisation has multiple networks of differing security classifications, they can become more difficult to achieve. We worked with our client to help it to adopt solutions that give it central network monitoring and secure system updates in its high assurance environments.

The Nexor Data Diode played a key role in this solution deployment. It enforces traffic flow entirely in one direction within a physically separate, hardware-only, data diode device. This is connected to proxy servers both upstream and downstream via fibre cables.

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