Securing the Connected Car

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As the concept of the connected car gains momentum and the amount of software in a car rises sharply, the level of cyber risk increases too. When a cyber attack could be a potential matter of life and death then a comprehensive approach must be taken in order to reduce the cyber vulnerabilities.

The automotive supplier is developing a new driver information and infotainment system for a major car manufacturer that takes multiple, independent graphics streams and composites them to provide the appropriate level of information to the driver and passenger.

securing the connect car case study imageThe development involved bringing several physically separate components onto a single System on Chip, therefore a key consideration in doing this was the security implications of having everything on one physical device.

The new system also has the capability to connect to the Internet in order to deliver more functionality and external information to the driver and passenger. However by being more connected, the information and infotainment system faces a very different threat landscape than previous technologies.

In the early development of the information and infotainment system, an internal review of the cyber security risks had been undertaken and an initial study was commissioned by an academic institution. After a review of cyber security specialists, our client then selected Nexor, to carry out a full, structured and robust analysis.

Nexor consultants worked with the automotive supplier to understand its technology and conducted a risk and threat analysis using Nexor’s own unique, structured assessment methodology.

Throughout the consultation process our client was able to present the safety through security story to its customer to ensure that the car manufacturer was happy with the approach being taken and satisfy the stringent safety requirements.

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