A European Rail Network

When you are using a number of disconnected systems to manage critical infrastructure, none of which talk to each other by design, you need to get information out of these systems without the risk of introducing anything nasty.

Our client uses a number of disconnected systems to manage its signalling. These systems have been in use for some time and although they are reliable, it is difficult to interface them.

High-speed train runsInformation about the current location of trains is held within these signalling systems and is used to manage the whole signalling process. This information is extremely valuable and the Rail Network needs to extract it for reporting purposes.

The solution we developed and configured featured a set of Nexor Data Diodes to solve the challenge.

Information from the trains is already captured on the signalling network as the train passes through the area it controls. This information from the signalling network is then sent to a server that is part of the same secure network

Useful management information from the secure systems can be accessed and collated without the need for staff to physically visit and connect to the various domains. This has provided significant time and cost savings for the Rail Network.

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