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Sometimes keeping information safe means more than making sure you find it when you need it. You also need to be sure no-one has access to it – no tampering – especially if you may need it as evidence in the future.

Houses of Parliament - Making your data tamper-proofAgency staff receive and capture information when working in a RESTRICTED domain. Although reasonably secure, this information can be accessed by a number of people and can be updated when necessary.

Because this information may need to be used as evidence at a later date, a copy of it must be taken and stored in a SECRET domain at every stage of the process.

This information is in the form of data files, including both text and image-based files. The information is exchanged via email and these email messages themselves must also be saved securely into the domain.

Nexor provided a solution comprising two servers – one in the RESTRICTED domain and one in the SECRET domain – with a data diode between them. The data diode ensures information can physically only go in one direction, in this case, only into the higher-security SECRET domain.

The transfer of files to the SECRET domain happens seamlessly, without disruption to normal operations – as far as frontline agency staff are concerned, it is business as usual.

Should any of the information in the SECRET domain be required to provide evidence in the future, the agency can guarantee that it has not been possible to access it from the RESTRICTED domain using the connection secured by the data diode.

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