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No matter how good your policies and protocols are, human error can mean a message is accidentally sent somewhere (and seen by someone) inappropriate. When you need to ensure your policies are followed, you need an email guard.

Silhouette of military aircraft carrier and military jetIn common with all military organisations, the Navy needs to ensure that messages passing in to and out of different sections of its systems conform to appropriate security policies.

Some of these messages may be signed or encrypted, and any solution must also be able to manage these messages.

The Navy had been using the Nexor Sentinel 2 email guard for some time, with a number of installations on its frigates. Despite other options being available, as the existing solution had performed well for the Navy it wanted to increase the number of Nexor Sentinel email guards deployed across its fleet of vessels.

The solution met the Navy’s requirements, giving them an upgrade and expansion to their current systems, making the overall deployment simple with minimal support and configuration on site.

The Navy is continuing to invest in the solution and is in the process of expanding its deployment of Nexor Sentinel email guards.

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