Secure and efficient manual release of files across networks

A European multi-partner organisation

Organisations can transfer files between networks using USB sticks, but this is an insecure and inefficient practice. Using data diode and data guard technology can significantly improve the speed, control and security for organisations in sharing files across its different network domains.

Secure file transfer - Secure and efficient manual release of files across networks - Nexor case studyThe client needed to enable its staff to share files from one segregated network to another segregated network in an efficient and secure manner.

Previously the organisation was relying on the transfer of data using USB sticks and had experienced instances of leakage of sensitive information.

To bring in more control, manual reviewing procedures could be carried out using USB sticks, but this labour-intensive process is slow and cumbersome.

The client needed a more automated process to enable users to transfer files easily; allow line managers to check documents more efficiently, and in a manner that fitted in with their daily or weekly schedule.

The solution has completely stopped the usage of USB sticks for file transfers between segregated networks, as all the USB ports are now disabled on devices connected to the higher security level network.

This means that the risk of sensitive data leakage is minimised. Efficiency has also improved as file shares from the low to the high-side are now instant. The speed of transfer from the high to low-side depends upon the manual release of the file but the solution has been designed to fit into the workflows of the organisation and not have any bottlenecks.

By using a data guard to validate the release of information, the organisation has increased its security. The manual release function adopted has also given them the oversight the client required.

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