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Case study iconTo help you understand the different scenarios for which the the Nexor Data Diode can be deployed, here are a selection of trusted solutions we have delivered to our clients.

Due to the sensitive nature of these projects we are not able to disclose the details of the organisations in question within the public domain. If you want to find out more about any of these case studies, please get in touch directly, and we may be able to provide further details.

Connecting Multiple Networks Securely (European-based Programme)

Seamlessly moving data between networks is a key requirement for many large organisations to meet their operational needs. A cross-domain gateway and technology integration specialist can help your organisation adopt more modern ways of working in a secure manner. This case study looks at how we were chosen by Leidos (formerly Lockheed Martin) to create a solution for a large European-based programme. MORE DETAILS



Keeping Sensitive Military Information Safe (A Military Organisation)

In a military force, the management of information and the security of data transfer are both of paramount importance. Networks have to be kept updated and safe from external threat. A variety of information has to pass between internal networks of differing security classifications. This case study looks at how we used Data Diodes to provide secure network monitoring and system updates to allow the Military organisation to have better management of the different security classified networks. MORE DETAILS



Importing Patches to a Secure Network (A UK Government Agency)

Often you need to transfer patches or system updates from one network to another that have different levels of security. In order to maintain the confidentiality of the downstream server you need to be able to control the flow of data in a secure manner. This case study looks at how a Data Diode solution was used to import updates to a closed classified network at Impact Level 5 (IL5). MORE DETAILS



Making your Data Tamper-Proof (A UK Government Agency)

Sometimes keeping information safe means more than making sure you find it when you need it. You also need to be sure no-one has access to it – no tampering – especially if you may need it as evidence in the future. This case study looks at how we developed a solution that allowed files to transfer to a SECRET domain seamlessly without disrupting normal operation. MORE DETAILS



Network Monitoring (A UK Government Agency)

Monitoring activity in a network is critical to maintain the availability of systems and reduce the likelihood of an attack affecting business operations. Where an organisation has multiple networks, monitoring becomes more difficult and less manageable. This case study looks at how a solution was developed that allowed the networks to be connected for monitoring purposes by guaranteeing a one-way transfer mechanism. MORE DETAILS



Secure Remote Video Control (A European Defence Ministry)

When you have remotely controlled cameras in operation you need to find a secure way of receiving information from the cameras and a secure way to control them without leaking information. This case study looks at how we developed a solution that allowed information to be securely sent and received from a secure control room to remote cameras. MORE DETAILS



Securely Available Information (A European Rail Network)

When you are using a number of disconnected systems to manage critical infrastructure, none of which talk to each other by design, you need to get information out of these systems without the risk of introducing anything nasty. This case study looks at how we developed a solution that allowed information to be sent over two disconnected systems securely. MORE DETAILS



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