A Multi-Nation Defence Organisation

When you are working closely with others, you need to have access to their information and want to give them access to yours – but not necessarily to all of it. You also need to be sure that providing access to legitimate users of your information is not opening your system to unwanted intrusion.

When forces from different nation states need to work together, they have to share information to do so effectively. They also need to maintain control of their own information and systems, determining who has access to what and ensuring that allowing access does not lead to security breaches.

The diverse nature of multi-nation military deployments raises a number of interoperability issues, as each force has its own systems using different formats, protocols, standards and procedures.

In the operational environment, secure and effective electronic communication between different domains in a timely manner is critical.

The sharing of information is needed whenever different nations cooperate to achieve a common goal, whether this be in conflict; on particular initiatives (such as anti-piracy); in peace-keeping; or for humanitarian aid purposes.

Enabling nation states to manage their own level of integration, maintaining control of access to their information without the need to replicate it to a common shared area means that updates to that information are readily available in real-time to those who need it.

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