Investigating ‘Next Generation’ and ‘Generation after Next’ Problems and Solutions

Nexor have built an impressive research resume in recent years, heading multi-disciplinary projects and cross-organisational teams on MOD funded investigations into the future of information exchange capabilities and cross domain technology.

Our Research services can be separated into these key aspects which will likely be required to solve your problem:

Research Projects

Nexor’s Advisory team brings a wide breadth of expertise in services that range from helping you set your strategy and better define your goals and the barriers you face in achieving them, through to solution and architecture design services that help you overcome those barriers.

Literature Review

Our research and innovation team can help you plan for the future, creating a roadmap of well understood problems that need to be overcome, and research, innovation, prototyping and experimentation services that test various hypothesis and solutions, informing and mapping your future architecture, solution designs, and investment plans.

Investigative Research

Where prior research into a secure information exchange problem is limited or non-existent, you need to ensure that you are engaging with the best possible resource to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Nexor’s consultants have the capability to undertake primary research on your behalf into information exchange problems. This will identify the challenge areas which need to be overcome, as well as where further experimentation or research is needed before a solution design can be produced.

Nexor are here to help across all your research requirements, if you have a problem you wish to solve contact us today for your initial consultation.

Why Nexor?

Nexor Research & Innovation Services are provided by a team of highly skilled problem resolution security consultants including NCSC Certified Cyber Professionals consultants. We are readily available to take on your problem and deliver a solution that will meet your requirements and ultimately solve the problem. We have already led research for a range of organisations such as UK and European Defence Ministries, The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), UK Government Agencies, and leading Global Industry organisations in areas such as Data Centric Security, Single Information Environment and Zero Trust.

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If you are interested in implementing a secure information exchange solution, but aren’t sure exactly where to start, contact us for an initial consultation as the first step towards maximising your data’s value.




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