Nexor shortlisted for innovation in Tech Industry awards

November 2016

Great news! We are delighted to have been selected for the TechMarketView Little British Battler (LBB) day, in association with MXC Capital, to be held in London on 15th November.

Little British Battler logoThe list of companies selected to participate in the LBB event are:

  • AI Corporation
  • ANDigital
  • Connexica
  • EvaluAgent
  • Fedr8
  • Lumeon
  • Metapraxis
  • Nexor Ltd
  • StorageOS
  • Streamwire
  • Ultrahaptics
  • Wazoku

The leadership teams from the companies will spend an hour in closed session with TechMarketView Research Directors and senior partners from sponsors, technology merchant bank MXC Capital, to share business plans and get valuable feedback on market opportunity, competitive positioning, and financing.

Nexor Chairman, Steve Kingan, was delighted to receive the accolade:

“It is great to be recognised for our capability by such an esteemed set of industry analysts. I like to refer to Nexor as an SME² – not only are we an SME in the traditional sense of being a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise, but we are also a Subject Matter Expert – operating in a focused market segment.

“Our trusted information exchange solutions are sought out by organisations around the globe with a critical need to get information into and out of their secure networks. We offer a UK sovereign capability with our cross-domain solutions developed at our secure facility in Nottingham. So, it is great to be recognised as a Little British Battler.”

HotViews Update

Following the Little British Battler Day, a company profile was created by the TechMarketView analyst team:

LBB Nexor: mastered messaging, moving to cyber security – 23 November 2016 

“Secure information exchange (helping organisations get information in and out of secure networks) is the market Nexor operates in. It is doing it rather successfully too, given its customer base and relationships, but given the sensitive nature of the market names generally remain confidential.

“Although founded in 1989, the company in its current form really kicked off in 2012 following a management buy out/buy in. There have been ups and downs since but Nexor is firmly established in the market for secure information exchange across domains (where domains can be defined by different security classifications, roles, national interests and alliances). Through all the change chairman, founder and chief funder Steve Kingan remained in place, providing continuity and keeping the focus on track.

“Having established itself in secure messaging, its future (and investment) is directed towards cyber security. It primarily operates at the government defined ‘Secret’ security level where there is a need for usability, mobility and security, but also reaching down to the lower “Official’ level. The ‘Secret’ level and cyber security direction provides openings for its consulting-style CyberShield Secure services methodology and SIXA technology portfolio.

“Cyber security is a fiercely competitive field but attributes like Sovereign capability gives Nexor an opening to its target markets of defence and government sectors, and critical national infrastructure enterprises.

“Keeping up with the level of research and investment necessary for cyber security credibility will be one of its greatest challenges but we are reassured by its determination to continue focusing on niches rather than taking a riskier and costly broad-brush approach. Judging by its strategic ambitions, there is a lot more to come from this particular Little British Battler.”

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