NATO’s high assurance email guard

Nexor SentinelNexor Sentinel is a high assurance email (or mail) guard, built upon an EAL4+ evaluated product and listed on NATO’s NIAPC catalogue. It has been designed to protect organisations by validating that in-bound and out-bound electronic messages conform to the security policy of the protected domain.

An email guard mitigates security breaches that could lead to unauthorised access. Nexor Sentinel’s EAL4+ evaluated security functionality ensures that an electronic message can only pass from one domain to the other via a trusted, secured path.

All messages are scanned and validated against the defined security policies and non-conformant messages are rejected and quarantined; preventing the potential damage caused by outbound information loss or inbound malicious content.

Nexor Sentinel has policy enforcing filters for:

  • message transport – such as message envelope checks, access control lists, return of content in reports;
  • message content – including allowed attachment types, dirty word searching;
  • message security – message signature, message encryption, signed receipts.

Nexor Sentinel supports both SMTP and X.400 email messages and its full message logging provides traceability of communication exchanges to ensure the integrity of the system.

Nexor Sentinel

Nexor Sentinel has been deployed worldwide by national defence forces and organisations such as NATO, and is relied upon for secure information exchange in high assurance environments.


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Further information

A full technical specification sheet for Nexor Sentinel is available upon request.

We also recommend that you find out more about how email guards can perform the validate element in our architectural approach to secure information exchange. Our Secure Information eXchange Architecture (SIXA) is based on best practice design patterns from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the UK National Technical Authority.

For guarding data files we recommend Nexor Guardian.


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