July 2006

Nexor, a provider of high grade security solutions to the military and government, launches Version 6 of Nexor Directory on 5th July 2006. Now supporting Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Solaris (SPARC) 9 and 10, Directory 6 also offers new features and a complete roll-up of previous maintenance releases from Directory Versions 4 and 5.

New features include the implementation of Version 7 of the Versant Object Database (Versant). This is the third generation of Directory to take advantage of the object-oriented design of Versant, which improves speed and throughput. Versant Version 7 increases performance, scaleability and stability even further and search performance has also been enhanced. The combination of Directory 6 and Versant 7 offer extended product supportability.

In line with Nexor’s strategy to make all of their products easier to use, a graphical user interface has been introduced for directory database creation. Users can now quickly set up a demonstration database or create distributed directory infrastructures by initialising root or subordinate database structures. Additionally, tuning of parameters for the underlying Versant database is also simplified.

Nexor has extended the internationalisation and interoperability of the product by introducing full UTF-8 support in Directory 6. Support for 3rd party enterprise management tools has also been enhanced with the addition of SNMP V2 in line with RFC 2605 and RFC 2248.

Finally, to standardise with Nexor’s other products, the Nexor Log Management Service (NLMS), which provides automatic roll-over and archiving, is now available on all platforms in Directory 6.

A commercially attractive upgrade path is available for supported customers. Please enquire for further details.

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