A managed data diode solution from Nexor

GuarDiode is a managed data diode solution developed by Nexor to help keep data transfer between networks secure.

The solution is part of our Secure Information eXchange Architecture (SIXA), which is made up of different configurable building blocks. It guarantees one-way information exchange and reduces data leakage or malicious data transfer, depending on how it is deployed.
Flow Control diagram - Data Diodes

A secure alternative to ‘Air Gaps’

The ‘Air Gap’ approach is a common means of data transfer, involving the use of hardware like a USB stick to physically move files between unconnected networks. This approach is time-consuming and doesn’t guarantee security, coming with its own risks.

In environments where real-time data transfer is required, the ‘Air Gap’ approach cannot provide suitable efficiency or levels of protection. In the digital age, most organisations require a more sophisticated solution.

Our managed data diode solution, GuarDiode, overcomes the problems of the ‘Air Gap’ approach by guaranteeing a one-way flow of data between networks of differing security levels. As part of a bespoke SIXA solution, it provides a powerful, protected alternative to older approaches.

Data diode technology for Flow Control

Flow Control is an important component in secure information exchange. When transferring data between two networks of differing security levels, it is essential that you separate the flow so that data can travel from low-security to high and vice versa as appropriate.

GuarDiode includes data diode technology, which means that data can only travel one way i.e. from low-security to high. Nexor’s data diodes are Common Criteria EAL7+ evaluated and ensure that data cannot leak to a lower security network.

Customisable content filtering options

GuarDiode’s content filtering separates it from other data diode solutions. These options are highly customisable and allow us to configure an information exchange solution that is perfectly suited to the requirements of your organisation. The filtering includes:

  • Deep content inspection;
  • Virus scanning;
  • Manual release workflow management;
  • UDP/TCP streaming and file transfer
  • GUI managed
  • Quarantine capability.

The goal of GuarDiode is to ensure that any data transferred between networks of different security levels comply with the security policies of the secure domain. Your filtering setup can be deployed to either the Upstream (low-security) or Downstream (high-security) proxy server, depending on your specific requirements.

Part of our Secure Information eXchange Architecture

SIXA is not a single solution, but a customisable portfolio of technology that can be developed and adapted to suit your needs.

Our SIXA components are developed with our CyberShield Secure methodology; we will work alongside you to develop a solution that embraces both your operational and security needs.

Enquire today to speak to one of our cyber security experts about your requirements.

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