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January 2014

As readers of this blog will know, NEXOR have recently moved offices. Part of the culture of the new building is a less clutter.  The journey involved opening many cupboards and draws that had not seen the light of day for a long time… until now…

The following document caught my attention:

QUAINT – Quipu Application Implemented to Ninety Three standards.
Authors: Colin Robbins, Alan Shepherd
July 1994.

Those of you who know your X.500 standards will recognise that this was a major update to the X.500 specifications and a significant investment. Looking back, the design was largely implemented and deployed as a successful commercial product on many customer sites.
The amusing part was on Section 8.4 of page 34. It starts

A Guardian DSA is a DSA that acts as a firewall between one X.500 community and another…

At the time Nexor was a very focused military messaging company. This must be one of the first documented references to a concept that has evolved to become Nexor Guardian, a key element of our Secure Information Exchange Platform, and the NATO IEG concept.

Wow, we’ve been in the guarding business for over 20 years!


Author Bio – Colin Robbins

Colin Robbins is Nexor’s Managing Security Consultant. He is a Fellow of the IISP, and a NCSC certified Security and Information Risk Adviser (Lead CCP) and Security Auditor (Senior CCP). He has specific technical experience in Secure Information Exchange & Identity Systems and is credited as the co-inventor of LDAP. He also has a strong interest in security governance, being a qualified ISO 27001 auditor.


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