EAL7+, guaranteed one-way data flow

Nexor Data DiodeThe Nexor Data Diode is evaluated to Common Criteria EAL7+ and guarantees that data is only permitted to physically flow in a single direction, thereby enabling secure data transfer to the isolated network(s).

In high security environments it is often difficult to make a physical connection between different networks but there is still a need to share information. This is when data diodes become an attractive solution to managing flow control securely.

Organisations that require high assurance solutions have been able to deploy the Nexor Data Diode to securely connect networks of different trust levels. This has increased the speed and throughput of their data transfers, facilitating the business processes required but still achieving the necessary levels of information assurance required.

Originally developed for use by defence and government organisations, the Nexor Data Diode has been deployed in a variety of secure information exchange scenarios including file importing; system updates; network monitoring; print management; remote camera control and process control interfaces.

Third-party evaluations

The Nexor Data Diode has been certified by the following organisations:



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We have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in relation to the Nexor Data Diode. A full technical specification sheet for the Nexor Data Diode is also available upon request.

We also recommend that you find out more about how data diodes can perform the flow control element in our architectural approach to secure information exchange. Our Secure Information eXchange Architecture (SIXA) is based on best practice design patterns from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the UK National Technical Authority.


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