Nexor Citadel

An enterprise-class, cross-domain desktop solution

Nexor Citadel Nexor Citadel enables high assurance remote access to multiple lower trust domains from a single desktop terminal.

A new innovative cross-domain approach

In high assurance environments users need access to multiple networks (or domains), often operating at lower confidence levels.

Traditionally, this is often achieved either through the swivel chair approach, where the user has multiple workstations, each connected to a different security domain. Or alternatively the user may need to work across multiple locations.

The organisation therefore needs to purchase multiple sets of equipment and Space, Weight and Power (SWaP) requirements increase dramatically.

Traditional approach vs Nexor Citadel approach
Nexor Citadel takes an innovative approach to the problem by providing a single desktop terminal remote access to multiple lower trust domains. For many simultaneous users, Nexor Citadel replaces a physical terminal for each domain with secure access to other domains.

Nexor Citadel is an enterprise class, COTS-based solution that offers a cost effective, scalable way for organisations to reduce their footprint, and gives both users and administrators a more integrated system in which to do their essential jobs.

A high-performance, flexible solution

Nexor Citadel provides an easily administered, secure gateway so that organisations can control what functions are available when accessing other security domains.

Nexor Citadel cover image
Nexor Citadel enables users to run multiple, different remote desktops sessions, so that they can:

  • view documents, images and maps on an internal network, often at a lower classification level;
  • use the Internet or Cloud services, such as Office365;
  • work collaboratively outside of their organisation’s domain, such as with coalition partners.

Nexor Citadel provides inspection and validation of data to ensure that it is conformant to the High-side security policy. This prevents the unauthorised release of sensitive information and reduces the risk of introducing malware to the trusted network.

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Further information

To enable accreditation, Nexor Citadel is based on architectural patterns from NCSC, the UK National Technical Authority for Information Assurance and is securely engineered following industry best practice.

A full technical specification sheet for Nexor Citadel is available upon request.


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