Multi-protocol email interoperability

Nexor Border Gateway provides email interoperability (protocol and content) services to enable the secure exchange of emails and formal messaging.

Today’s climate of coalition-based operations and network-enabled capability means that there is a growing requirement for exchange of information between different messaging environments.

Nexor Border Gateway offers a range of components that can be selectively configured to provide a wide range of trusted solutions to meet these information exchange needs.

Nexor Border Gateway covers all the major Internet, ISO and Military information exchange standards, including STANAG 4406E and ACP125. It can convert (between X400 and SMTP), encrypt, decrypt or virus scan emails prior to delivery or transmission in secure, high latency, low bandwidth or unreliable environments.

Nexor Border Gateway options

Our Nexor Border Gateway suite includes options for:

  • Nexor Centurion – a secure messaging gateway that enforces the flow of messages in and out of the organisation using a defined policy allowing different message processing for different domains;
  • Nexor Mailer – a multi protocol message server that can be deployed as a backbone Mailer (operating as a message switch transferring messages from one MTA to another) or as a subordinate Mailer (used as a local message server or message store to service a number of user agents);
  • Nexor Vanguard – enables high grade communication in low bandwidth environments at low cost whilst maintaining international and coalition interoperability.

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Further information

A full technical specification sheet for Nexor Border Gateway is available upon request.

We also recommend that you find out more about how an email gateway can perform the transform element in our architectural approach to secure information exchange. Our Secure Information eXchange Architecture (SIXA) is based on best practice design patterns from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the UK National Technical Authority.

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