July 2015

In the space of a week Nexor has received confirmation that it has successfully re-certified three of its external accreditations: Cyber Essentials, TickITplus and ISO 27001.

Continuous improvement is very much part of the Nexor approach to delivering its trustworthy solutions. A commitment to operational excellence means that Nexor ensures rigour and reliability is drilled into operational practices unlike any other solutions provider in the cyber security sector.

Irene Dovey, Head of Business Improvement at Nexor, comments:

“Although we are an SME, we are frequently at the forefront of our sector in continuously improving our approach and service delivery. At Nexor, continuous improvement is a shared activity and participation across the organisation ensures that these successful re-certifications are the culmination of a real team effort.”

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government scheme for organisations to demonstrate that they have taken the necessary basic precautions to protect themselves against the risks of operating online. Nexor was in the first round of organisations to be certified to the scheme last year and is one of an exclusive group of just three companies that are the first to re-certify.

TickITplus is a Software Quality Management certification scheme and Nexor’s tri-annual assessment retains its accreditation which has been held since it was the first organisation in the world to be accredited to the standard in 2010. For customers, TickITplus can be used as a measure of a supplier’s process capability and maturity to reduce risk.

ISO 27001 is the widely-recognised Information Security Management System certification, which Nexor has held since 2004, and last week it successfully transitioned to the new 2013 standard. The certification helps organisations to identify risks and put controls in place to manage or reduce them, whilst also showing to stakeholders that their data is protected.


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