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Network monitoring and management are critical business operations, but when an organisation has multiple networks of differing security classifications, it becomes more difficult to manage them effectively.

Nexor’s network monitoring solutions are designed to make it as easy as possible to manage multiple different networks from a single, secure location.

Important information in one place

Keeping management up-to-date on information across different networks is crucial to improving business operations.

Network monitoring can be managed separately across different or segregated networks, but this makes it difficult to collate and audit information from each one. This may allow hackers to jump between your networks unnoticed.

Using a single location to monitor all the information can minimise these risks, but it introduces new vulnerabilities as data can flow between your networks. This opens up potential problems with malware getting in your trusted domains and with data loss from these trusted domains.

Our Network Monitoring Solution


Nexor works with clients to enable them to adopt solutions that give central network monitoring in high assurance environments.

Nexor’s network monitoring solution consists of a one-way transfer mechanism that ensures the information streamed to a trusted, central location has no risk of leakage and without inadvertently interconnecting the monitored networks.

Our solution uses data diode technology, certified to EAL7+ (the highest Common Criteria level), to physically guarantee the one-way flow of information, and a validating component to provide higher security with content verification and filtering.

Benefits of having a Network Monitoring Solution

  • Allows for aggregation and correlation of log and audit data from unconnected networks
  • Enables quick detection of attacks spread across multiple networks
  • Overall cost of monitoring multiple networks is reduced
  • Provides resilience against malware infestation across networks

To find out more, please download our Network Monitoring Solution datasheet below. Visit our SIXA solutions page for further information on what our secure information exchange architecture can achieve.

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