September 2015

Nexor staff were recently invited to participate in a pilot TickITplus Capability training course as part of the development of the upcoming TickITplus Capability levels.

In 2010, Nexor was the first organisation in the world to be accredited to the TickITplus Software Quality Management certification scheme. Since then Nexor has been a strong advocator of the scheme.

The TickITplus scheme is a best practice standard for information technology and is an implementation of the principles of capability maturity. It gives customers and partners increased confidence in a company’s overall capability and the quality of its delivery.

The new TickITplus Capability levels concentrate on gaining benefits from improving organisational processes at the higher levels and extends the current Foundation level up to Bronze and Silver levels.

Irene Dovey, Head of Business Improvement, and Donna Frend, Contracts Manager, participated in the pilot training course alongside TickITplus Assessors from LRQA, BSI and DNV, as well as TickITplus Practitioners from a number of other organisations keen on piloting the TickITplus Capability levels.

Irene Dovey, commented:

“Although we are an SME, we are frequently at the forefront of our sector in continuously improving our approach and service delivery. Participating in the training has been beneficial for re-appraising our method of software quality management to see where there are any gaps and contributing to maintaining our very high standards.”

The TickITplus Capability training is a prerequisite for organisations wishing to move up to the Bronze and Silver levels in TickITplus, something that Nexor plans to implement in the near future.

Contributing to initiatives like the TickITplus Capability levels is very much part of the Nexor approach to continuous improvement and helps us in the delivery of our trustworthy solutions. This commitment to operational excellence means that Nexor ensures rigour and reliability is drilled into operational practices unlike any other solutions provider in the cyber security sector.

More information on the pilot training course can be found on the Omniprove website.

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