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Cyber Essentials – where to begin?

This introductory guide talks through the UK government’s Cyber Essentials accreditations, providing insight into what they cover and how to achieve them.

What is a security audit?

We discuss the different types of security audit to help you choose the right option for your business.

An introduction to hardware security

Hardware security recognises the critical importance of hardware in an organisations overall cyber security. Find out why and how to consider this crucial area in your cyber security strategy.

Guide to cyber resilience

Cyber resilience is a proactive approach to ongoing threat mitigation. This guide introduces the concept and discusses the need for ongoing monitoring and adaptation.

Cloud computing security risks

The Cloud is a complex collection of concepts with different security requirements depending on its application. This comprehensive guide will give you a framework for identifying and mitigating risks in Cloud security.

Incident Response Plans

An Incident Response Plan enables your business to manage security threats in a calm manner. This guide will help you to put together your own Incident Response Plan for your business.

The 14 cloud security principles

What are the NCSC’s 14 cloud security principles and what do they mean for your business? See a full breakdown in this article.

NIS Directive – the NCSC cyber assessment framework

The NIS Directive is an EU-wide legislation ensuring a universal standard of security across member states. The legislation has the potential to combat a number of threats, and is broken down in detail in this article.

STANAG – NATO standards

See more information on NATO’s STANAG standards, specifically STANAG 4406 v2 – the military messaging handling system (MMHS).

Non-routable processes & networks

Our guide to non-routable processes and networks explains the difference between routable and non-routable processes within network segregation.

Secure delivery of a payload via a protocol break

This article provides a quick insight into protocol-based attacks and how a protocol break can help to defend against them. 

Introduction to What3Words

What3Words is a recent initiative allowing you to easily pinpoint geographical locations with three-word combinations. Find out more about it, including how to get started, in this article.

The rise of supply chain attacks

Supply chain attacks cause vulnerabilities in large enterprises by attacking the smaller businesses in their supply chain. This article explores recent examples of such attacks and the common weaknesses that cause them.

Moving to cloud

In this quick guide, we look at the rise of cloud computing and its practical implications for businesses, with a particular focus on what you should consider when migrating to the cloud.

Space: the final frontier for cybersecurity?

Cyber attacks on space infrastructure have the potential to cause devastating knock-on effects. In this article, we explore the risks facing space infrastructure and how they can be combatted effectively.

Supply chain security risks

Learn about supply chain security risks & how they could affect your business. We can help to protect your supply chain from external threats.


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Protecting confidential information using Data Diodes White Paper


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Network Monitoring: A UK Government Agency - monitoring activity in a network is critical to maintain the availability of systems and reduce the likelihood of an attack affecting business operations. READ NOW

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