Nexor has retained level 2 status in the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR), a database of firms that have undergone accreditation to prove they have the systems in place to supply to the aerospace, defence and security industry.

The JOSCAR accreditation system, was set up by ADS and Hellios for the aerospace, defence, and security sectors. It is a cross-sector collaboration solution designed to improve efficiency of both the supplier and buyer communities by ensuring that companies only use products and solutions of the highest quality and are complying with industry best practices.

Having satisfied all the necessary requirements we remain fully compliant to the JOSCAR supplier accreditation register. This means that as our customer you can engage with Nexor secure in the knowledge that our solutions offer the best in the market for High Assurance Security Information Exchange surrounded by the process and rigor needed to be part of the JOSCAR system.

Retaining our place on JOSCAR demonstrates that we have once again proven ourselves on everything from health and safety and IT security to environmental sustainability and product safety and quality, not forgetting our Cyber Essentials plus certification. A trustworthy third party having already carried out the due diligence necessary to ensure that Nexor has the processes, quality standards, and certifications to align with industry best practice will save our customers the time and money needed to carry out their own investigation into our credentials.

What’s Next?

We are looking forward to developing relationships with new clients in the aerospace, defence, and security industries. JOSCAR registration allows us to maintain an online profile that we can use to advertise our secure information exchange expertise to interested parties and gain improved access to the markets represented by ADS.

If you would like to discuss previous client projects, or are interested in future collaboration, please get in touch with us today.