Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Ensure the secure exchange of information in the IoT world

Internet of Things icon purpleThe Internet of Things is transforming the business landscape; data is being collected from a wide variety of devices and locations to enable business to get a competitive edge from new and improved services.

This information derived from the data enables business processes to change and react in real time, and via feedback to the Internet of Things devices, enact real time change.

In most Internet of Things scenarios, secure cloud services are used to provide the data collation and processing capabilities.

Our Internet of Things Professional Services

The Internet of Things is an information-driven model, and so the secure exchange of the underlying data is crucial to the integrity of the business processes.

Nexor provides solutions to validate both:

  • the integrity of the IoT device; and
  • the integrity of the data exchange between the device and the Cloud.

Our solutions are focused on the critical national infrastructure (CNI) environment, where enhanced security controls are essential to preserve the integrity and availability of the service, as well as protect data privacy.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Secure Boot Chain and Linux Hardening – ensure the integrity of your sensors;
  • Identity and Access Management – ensure each device has a unique and secure key that can be validated by in the Cloud infrastructure; and the often forgotten element ensuring the device can validate it is connecting to the genuine cloud service;
  • Data Verification – ensuring the data exchanges conform to expected rules;
  • Data Transformation – removing the potential for malware via data transformation, based on the principle of only allowing “known good” data to pass through.

The Data Verification and Data Transformation elements of our approach are implementations of our Secure Information eXchange Architecture (SIXA) in the Amazon Web Services environment. SIXA is a tried and tested architecture used to secure communication flows in high assurance, accredited, public sector environments.

Amazon Web Services “Internet of Things”

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) “Internet of Things” platform provides a solution to many common IoT challenges, and our professional services can be applied in this environment to provide an additional layer of assurance.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) IoT diagram

Our Internet of Things professional services focus on ensuring:

  • Device integrity – genuine device and operating correctly;
  • Data integrity  – conformant and malware free.

For an introduction to AWS, and how Nexor can help with solutions in high assurance environments, we recommend you watch this webinar on AWS Best Practices for IoT Security in the Cloud.

Benefits of our Internet of Things solutions

The Internet of Things can enable new business models and enable greater business efficiency – but only if the information coming from the sensors can be relied upon and the control systems act as instructed.

By adopting the expertise of Nexor in enhancing and configuring the IoT security controls, our customers can be confident cloud-based data is based on genuine information from genuine sensors, delivering an IoT solution that can be relied upon.

When combined with our CyberShield Secure services our customers have Nexor’s commitment that the solution can be trusted. Visit our SIXA solutions page for further information on what our secure information exchange architecture can achieve.


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