Nexor is pleased to announce GuarDiode 3.0, the latest version of our high assurance information exchange product is now commercially available. Nexor GuarDiode solutions enables our customers to create enforced one-way network connections between systems at the highest certified security level; allowing for controlled access to sensitive information assets and critical systems. The GuarDiode combines EAL7+ certified data diodes with our secure content checking framework, workflow control, quarantine, and a range of optional third-party security software to deliver the ultimate cross-domain protection within high threat environments. The data diode makes use of light emitting diodes and receivers within the hardware, providing a 100% guarantee of a unidirectional flow of data at a physical level. It does not have software or firmware, therefore it cannot be exploited or misconfigured externally. Thanks to its durable design, it has been implemented in demanding physical environments across a whole host of disciplines; including but not limited to: Civilian Government, Defence, Critical National Infrastructure, and Finance.

Throughout the GuarDiode 3.0’s development process Nexor actively sought feedback from our current GuarDiode customers to deliver the additional functionality and quality of improvements that matter to them.

Functionality new to GuarDiode 3.0 includes:

  • Complete operating system overhaul, transitioning to RHEL version 7 to ensure longer product lifecycle and support;
  • Updated security protocols for all file transfers and administration;
  • Rebrand and modernisation of the Nexor Web Administrator;
  • Customisable Deployments;
  • Introduction of Stream Edition option: Providing UDP or TCP only deployments are now available;
  • Support of latest web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge;
  • And much more…..

If you are an existing GuarDiode customer interested in upgrading to the latest version, please contact your Nexor Account Manager. If you think GuarDiode could solve your information exchange requirements, please visit to find out more, or email

About Nexor

Nexor is a specialist secure information exchange SME with a 30-year track record of successfully delivering cyber security solutions to organisations around the globe, including the UK MOD, Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police Service, Europol and NATO.

Today our typical customer needs protection from advanced threat actors that may specifically target their organisation using bespoke techniques to gain access to valuable information assets or attempt to control systems. Nexor utilises its extensive experience within this realm to develop sovereign high assurance information exchange solutions that enable cross domain interoperability and interworking following National Cyber Security Centre Guidance.




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