Nexor are pleased to announce that our Guardian solution has been enhanced with a number of key features in a new release 3.1 of the guard application which is now available:

Increased Reliability:

  • Deploy as an active -passive High-Availability (“HA”) application
  • Maintain performance following failure of application process.
  • Preserve critical data flow with resilient auto-replication

Greater capacity for transferring ever larger files and higher data volumes:

  • Up to 10GB files can be transferred as standard
  • Configurable file sizes for even larger file transfers
  • Control file sizes with new policy settings

Enhanced Operations:

  • Real-time visibility of overall system status
  • Remote maintenance with zero loss of uptime or data

The release is already in use with a key Nexor customer, with whom we collaborated with to prioritise and test the main features in the release which have now been fully delivered.

If you would like to know more about Guardian 3.1 and how it can help your organisation please contact us today.