Using industry best practice approaches in secure information exchange

Finding the right solution iconThe success of any business or organisation in the 21st century is built on information superiority. The ability to get the right information into the hands of decision makers ahead of competitors or adversaries gives tactical, operational and strategic advantage.

As data, information and knowledge are such key assets for organisations from which great value can be derived, they must be protected appropriately and shared carefully only with trusted individuals and partners.

Why do problems arise?

At higher security classifications in the Defence, Government and Critical National Infrastructure sectors, conventional approaches to this protection have, unfortunately, led to many information systems being separated from each other and from the people who need access to the assets they contain.

This makes sharing data across network or security boundaries difficult, or impossible, and results in an incomplete or delayed picture of a given situation. The potential of using Cloud Services adds an extra dimension to this problem.

What is the knock-on effect?

The consequence of this is that any decisions or actions based on such a disjointed picture may be wrong or too slow to be effective.

It also means potentially avoidable but costly, embarrassing and, maybe even deadly, mistakes are made. In essence, information sharing is something that whilst for security professionals introduces a set of new risks; for business or operational users, it gives access to information that simply needs to be available in order to achieve what they need to do.

Overcoming security issues to connect networks

At Nexor we can help join up the networks and information systems that you need timely, yet secure, access to, even if they operate at different trust levels.

Our secure information exchange and cross domain solutions can connect your information and people, from the Internet to the highest levels of classification or threat. But at the same time still ensuring appropriate adherence to the principles of information assurance – confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability and non-repudiation.

A trusted delivery partner

We will work with you to understand your exact information exchange requirements, your operational needs and your security constraints. Our expertise will help you balance:

Usability, performance, timescales and budget
Threat exposure, risk appetite and assurance process

Working in partnership, we can design, deliver and support solutions to enable more efficient, yet secure, collaboration within your organisation and with your partners. This will allow you to make better decisions and be more effective in whatever your business or mission is.


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