Exercise Joint Venture

A trusted partner in BT’s Smart HQ for Defence

BT Logo - Griffin ExerciseOur cross-domain expertise has been recognised by Systems Integrator, BT, to support its Smart HQ capability for command and control centres. This is being demonstrated as part of Exercise Joint Venture.

Exercise Joint Venture will be taking place in early July, and is a demonstration of armed forces co-operation across NATO. The exercise will also feature demonstrations of new technology into the industry.

Smart HQ: Deploying the HQ of the future – now

Developed at BT’s R&D centre at Adastral Park, the Smart HQ brings together innovative capabilities to create an agile, collaborative, wireless-enabled operational command centre.

One that can be deployed quickly, operate in a multi-component environment (maritime, land, air, space, cyber, situational awareness), allowing the right information to reach the right person at the right time quickly and securely. So the right decisions can be made.

We were selected for our expertise in securely exchanging information across domains with different trust levels, a must-have for co-ordinating armed forces in the field.

The Smart HQ is being developed by carefully chosen partners who provide specialist capabilities. The other partners include:

  • Partner Logos - Griffin ExerciseAntillion
  • Cisco
  • Cyber1st
  • EE
  • pureLifi
  • Rajant
  • Secure Cloud
  • Systematic

For more information visit BT’s Lets Talk blog.

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