Data Diode Technology Can Help Solve Complex Cyber Security Issues

January 2013

Due to recent security incidents, there is now a significant debate with regard to what is the best way to protect Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

Generally, the debate focuses on whether networks should be isolated via an Air-Gap, or joined by well-configured Firewall(s) but the debate often misses a third option – Data Diodes.

This great article from Joost Bilj, at Fox-IT provide a background on Data Diodes:

Data Diode Technology Can Help Solve Complex Smart Grid Cyber Security Issues.

Shortly, I will be blogging an article looking at the relative merits of Firewalls, Air-Gaps and Data Diodes in these situations…



An EAL7 Data Diode is available from Nexor.


This article was originally posted on the Cyber Matters blog – which gives “bite-size insight on cyber security for the not too technical”.

Author Bio - Colin Robbins

COLIN ROBBINSColin Robbins is the Innovation Director at Nexor. He has specific technical experience in Secure Information Exchange & Identity Systems and is credited as the co-inventor of LDAP. His current focus is solving customer security challenges in Cloud and IoT environments.

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