Cyber Security Risk Assessments

Cyber risk assessments help businesses identify threats to their intellectual property, customer data, financial information and more. Also known as threat assessments, they help businesses to concentrate security resources in the most important and vulnerable areas.

Nexor’s threat, vulnerability and impact assessments are carried out by our experienced cyber security consultants. They will spend time getting to know your business to make sure that their assessment is tailored to your objectives.

Cyber threat, vulnerability and impact assessments

Cyber threats originate from many different sources, each with their own goals and agendas. Many criminals focus on financial gain via cyber attacks, targeting intellectual property or bank accounts. Other hackers have non-financial motivations: some may be looking to embarrass the target business or simply prove their skills.

With so many potential cyber threats, the challenge that most businesses face is where and how to concentrate security resources to protect what matters most to them. Good security practice will, in most cases, stop a volume hacker, but if you own particularly valuable digital assets then you should anticipate and prepare for targeted attacks.

To be at their most effective, cyber security defences need to focus on the areas where attackers are most likely to strike. This can only be achieved by carrying out a full threat assessment on your business in order to:

  • Identify the assets that are of value to attackers and who the attackers are likely to be, as well as understanding their skills, resources and motivation.
  • Acknowledge where the potential vulnerabilities lie in your organisation.

It is also important to assess the impact on the business of each specific threat identified, which is known as an impact assessment. Once you have the results of the threat, vulnerability and impact assessments, you can combine them to quantify the risk to the business. This process is referred to as a cyber risk assessment.


Nexor’s Cyber Threat and Risk Assessments service

Nexor’s expert consultants are experienced in a wide range of Threat, Vulnerability and Risk assessment methodologies. Whilst assessing the potential threats, impacts and risks that could affect your business would cost a lot of time and effort, our experts can help to determine an approach appropriate to your situation will streamline this process and avoid unnecessary work without compromising on security.

Nexor’s Cyber Threat and Risk Assessments service can help your business understand the specific risks it faces and how to protect against them. This will ensure your security solutions are focused on the most important aspects of your business


Nexor’s CyberShield Secure methodology

Nexor’s Cyber Risk Assessments service is part of our wider CyberShield Secure services. This methodology ensures objectives are defined, successful outcomes are measurable and keep business objectives at the heart of any solutions we implement.

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Office 365 Security Assessment

Our audit & assurance service is designed to assess whether your security processes and technologies are working as intended. We will review the setup of your computer systems, focusing on the security of sensitive documents that your staff need to access remotely. Our experts can assess your need for vulnerability scanning and penetration testing and advise on suitable policies and processes for both.  We can carry out an assessment if your employees need secure remote access to confidential or sensitive files with Office 365.



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