Cyber Security Technology Integration


Integrating technology from multiple suppliers

A secure information solution often necessitates the use of technologies from multiple suppliers. To form a coherent solution, the supplier-specific components need to be integrated so that they work in harmony to solve the problem.

Each item requires careful configuration to ensure it fulfils its role and contributes effectively to the overall security of the system. After all, a cyber security system is only as strong as the weakest component and one weak link can bring the whole system down.


Nexor’s Technology Integration service

Nexor offers a comprehensive Technology Integration service which can design, build, deploy and manage a secure information exchange solution comprising multiple different technologies. This service covers the whole solution process from initial scoping to post-delivery, including:

  • Requirements analysis:
    • Requirements capture
    • Risk assessment
  • Solution architecture:
    • Architecture design
    • Security design
  • Solution integration and implementation:
    • Development
    • Installation
    • Integration
    • Configuration
    • Testing
  • Solution training, support and maintenance


The CyberShield Secure methodology

Nexor’s Cyber Security Technology Integration service is part of our wider CyberShield Secure services. CyberShield Secure is the methodology that underpins all our consulting work, designed to ensure that your security solutions work alongside your organisational and commercial requirements, producing successful, measurable outcomes.

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Our Security Solutions

Health Check

Accreditation Service

Nexor offers an optional health check service to customers whose cyber security solutions have been in place for a number of years. Our Accreditation Service is specifically tailored to each customer’s business needs to complement internal skills and resource availability


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