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Integrating security technology with business capabilities

Nexor provides security information solutions for high assurance environments where protection from advanced threat actors is required. A common objective of our solutions is to enable communication between systems where this was not previously possible. As such, experimentation is needed to look at how technologies can integrate to provide new business capability as well as understand how this can be secured against evolving technologies and modes of attack.


What is a Technical Demonstration?

A technical demonstration, or tech demo, is a one-off show of capability to a customer. A demonstrator is a tool that is left with the customer so they can test it themselves.

Building a demonstrator requires input from experts in a range of fields, including; business analytics to determine what is needed, architecture design to determine what is possible, software development to make connectors/plugins/interfaces to enable interworking, security skills to manage risks and integration skills to create a demonstration environment. The result of this collaborative effort can then be presented to the customer.

Nexor can provide you with a skilled team to define and build your demonstrator, either working as a sole contractor, or as part of a cross-industry consortium.

Case studies

The Ministry of Defence recently carried out a concept demonstrator programme called Pandora, in order to remove the risk from future equipment programmes. Read the full case study for more information on how Nexor’s technology helped the organisation to meet its objectives.


Nexor’s consultancy services

All Nexor consultancy services are underpinned by our CyberShield Secure® methodology. This methodology ensures objectives are defined, successful outcomes are measurable and keep a business’s digital transformation objectives at the heart of any solutions we implement.

If you’re interested in our consultancy services, please get in touch with our expert team.


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