Supply Chain Security Management


Supply chain attacks have become increasingly prominent over the past few years. Businesses are at risk from attackers targeting their supply chain, in order to gain access to their business and its sensitive information.

It is imperative that your business completes an assessment of your supply chain, to ensure that every company is complying with basic security standards. If you are unsure where to start, Nexor can help you to complete the process.

As part of our CyberShield Secure Services, we can help your organisation to better understand your supply chain security, teach you how to manage your supply chain security and help you to gain your desired cybersecurity accreditation. 


How can Nexor help?

Nexor can provide a management-level, independent assessment of the present effectiveness of your supply chain security management.  If there are any identified areas of concern, we will clearly highlight these with recommended actions. This will enable you to address any issues quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of a cyber attack.

Following the report, Nexor can help you to implement a structure which will aid you with your supply chain security management, to ensure that you are protected from external threats. We can provide the following services:

  • Introducing supply chain security management processes
  • Conducting risk assessments for both your organisation and your entire supply chain
  • Create a supplier register to effectively manage the compliance of existing and new suppliers
  • Supporting on audits for your current supply chain to ensure that they understand and meet the required standards
  • Managing contractual flow-downs to ensure your suppliers comply with your customer’s requirements


Our Credentials

At Nexor, we specialise in cross-domain solutions for high assurance environments, with a proven history of taking on difficult information exchange projects. Our security architecture forms the basis of all our bespoke services and consists of building blocks which comply with NCSC standards.

By following our CyberShield Secure methodology, we make certain that your objectives are clearly defined with measurable outcomes, ensuring your business objectives at the heart of the solutions we introduce. We are fully certified to relevant quality standards, such as ISO9001, TickITplus and ISO27001. 

You can read our helpful data sheet to find out more about supply chain security.


Download our Supply Chain Security Management Datasheet

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Download our Supply Chain Security Management Datasheet



Our Security Management Services

Governance, Compliance & Reporting 

Policy & Procedure Creation

We can help your business to establish and maintain a robust framework through responsible management of information risk and programme resources. Nexor offers short-term expert support to help organisations develop or update a set of tailored policies and their underlying procedures.


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