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Nexor’s consultants are experts in the implementation of cyber security solutions. We have years of experience in designing secure information exchange and network security technologies designed to keep your systems and data safe.

Solutions that meet both business and security requirements

We use the CyberShield Secure® methodology to govern the way that we design and build security solutions. The goal of this technology is that our solutions will fully meet both the business and security requirements of your organisation, whether they take the form of complete systems or sub-systems within larger projects.

Our consultants are adept at bringing together third-party technologies, as well as our own components. We also ensure that all of our technical consultants are experienced at working in high assurance environments, working with stakeholders to ensure the solution is robust and has the appropriate documentation to enable system maintenance and accreditation (if required).

Secure-by-design solutions

Where existing solutions need modification or enhancement, our CyberShield Secure® software engineering process is designed from the ground up to have security built-in; using either Agile or Waterfall approaches to meet specific customer needs.

Nexor’s secure-by-design approach means that our clients can be confident that our security solutions will meet their security objectives. Security is an integral part of their design but never reduces the usability of the systems in question. We also ensure that our solutions can be maintained over time so that they remain effective for as long as possible.


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